Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Every adult person has the potential to develop four wisdom teeth, which are adult teeth that are permanent, in their mouths. These are located in the back corners of the mouth, both on the top, as well as the bottom. The extraction of these permanent teeth is known as wisdom tooth extraction. It’s a surgical procedure that enables the safe removal of wisdom teeth.

Sometimes, when a wisdom tooth doesn’t have enough space to properly grow, is can cause pain in the mouth. It may also lead to infection, as well as other problems related to the teeth. This is when an oral surgeon, or a dentist, can perform wisdom tooth extraction. At K Family Dental, you can get your wisdom tooth extracted.

Should an oral surgeon or a dentist from K Family Dental find problems related to the wisdom teeth that can emerge in the future, they may recommend an extraction as well.

Why do people get their wisdom tooth extracted?

Wisdom teeth are also known as third molars, and are the last set of permanent teeth that emerges in an adult’s mouth. Usually, these teeth appear between the ages of seventeen and twenty five. Sometimes, people don’t develop any wisdom teeth at all, while for others the wisdom teeth emerges normally, and causes no issues at all.

Sometimes though, people develop what is known as impacted wisdom teeth. This happens when the emerging teeth don’t have enough space in the mouth, to properly grow. When a wisdom tooth is impacted, it may only emerge partially, or not emerge at all.

Here are some issues you may face with impacted wisdom teeth:

  • It’s growing at an angle in the direction of the tooth next to it
  • It grows up and down same as the other teeth, but remains stuck in the jawbone
  • It grows at an angle that is directed towards the back of your mouth
  • Grows at an angle that gives the appearance that the wisdom tooth is lying down in the jawbone

What are the problems people face when their wisdom teeth is impacted?

Sometimes, you may need to get your wisdom tooth extracted. This can be the case when:

  • You experience pain in your mouth
  • If food or deposits are trapped in the area behind your wisdom teeth
  • If you experience a gum disease or an infection
  • If there is any tooth decay in a wisdom tooth that has only erupted partially
  • If a nearby tooth is being damaged by the wisdom tooth, or the surrounding bone is being effected
  • If a cyst, also known as a sac that is filled with fluid, develops around the wisdom tooth
  • If, during an orthodontic treatment to treat other teeth, there was a complication related to the wisdom teeth

What is wisdom teeth extraction?

A wisdom teeth extraction is an outpatient procedure at K Family Dental performed either by an oral surgeon, or a dentist. A wisdom tooth extraction is recommended when, through an X-ray, a dentist finds that your wisdom tooth is impacted. Should they find that your wisdom tooth can cause future dental problems, then they may recommend an extraction as well.

Some adults don’t have any wisdom teeth, while others may develop one to four. During a wisdom tooth extraction at K Family Dental, the surgeon sill cut into your gums, and then remove the wisdom tooth. The wisdom tooth may be removed completely, or in pieces. During the procedure, you’ll be under anesthesia. This can either be in the form of nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, or IV sedation. The kind of anesthesia will be decided upon based on how complex the procedure is likely to be, as well as what you’re comfortable with.

Removing Your Wisdom Tooth Early

When the wisdom tooth is removed early, that is, before the age of twenty, the extraction procedure is typically easier. While age is not a relevant factor when it comes to wisdom tooth extraction, if removed later in life, complications could develop.

This is as, in younger people, the roots of teeth aren’t formed properly yet. This makes it both easier to remove the teeth, as well as for the mouth to heal. When a person gets older, the roots of their teeth become longer, as well as more curved. This makes it more difficult to extract wisdom teeth, as a person grows older.

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