Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and Bridges

Losing a tooth can be a difficult. Should your tooth be infected as well, then you may experience a worse situation. In case this happens to you, the answer lies in restorative dentistry. There are two options you can choose between, should you want to restore your attractive smile. These are dental crowns, as well as bridges. At K Family Dental, you can restore your bright smile again.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a structure shaped like a false tooth. It’s inserted in the gap area that was left behind after you lost a tooth. Dental bridges are usually made of porcelain that’s fused to metal. Since dental bridges are constructed to be durable, you don’t have to worry about it, once it’s installed.

A dental bridge can last up to seven years. Support is required during a treatment, since the dental bridge serves to cover the gap created by the tooth that fell out. During the procedure at K Family Dental, your natural teeth, that surround the gap will have to be prepared to be crowned. These teeth will be responsible for bearing the bridge. Once crowned, the dentist or oral surgeon will attach the bridge to the desired location. Dental implants may be used during the procedure as well, at K Family Dental.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is an artificial tooth, that serves the purpose of protecting the teeth and the gums. It protects then from infection, as well as other contaminants. A dental crown can also help you to have an attractive smile.

Dental crowning can be a longer procedure, specifically should you need filling as well, to protect the crown. Before the procedure at K Family Dental, begins, the dentist will first ask for an X-ray. This will enable them to get a clear view of the tooth. They can also find out what the current condition of the teeth is, as well as let you know how many visits you will need. If an RCT is needed, you will be informed as well.

Should your teeth be fine, and your oral health be adequate, then your dentist of K Family Dental will discuss the dental crowning procedure with you. At the beginning of the procedure, the site of the dental crowning will first be numbed. This numbing is necessary before the procedure, as pointed and sharp instruments will be used during the procedure, which can otherwise cause pain. The surrounding gums, as well as the tooth are numbed, in order to prepare for the procedure.

The dentist then places the crown. A dental crown can be made of different material, and your dentist will discuss your options with you. In case you need to have an RCT performed before your dental crowning, then the dentist will place a temporary tooth crown during the recovery period. This will then be replaced by a permanent dental crown later, at K Family Dental.

Why do people get dental crowns and bridges?

Some people may have structural problems with their teeth. Their teeth may be broken, or cracked, or they could be chipped as well. For such people, dental crowning is a great treatment option. If such structural dental problems exist, then the potential for other problems, such as oral infections as well as tooth decay, start as well.

An oral bacterial infection, for example, could affect diabetic patients, as well as those with heart problems. You may also need a dental crown after an RCT, or root canal therapy. Sometimes, the hole that is left by the root canal treatment, requires a dental filling. The filling can be a site of oral infection, and could cause further damage, which is why it needs to be filled. Dental crowns and bridges serve to protect both the teeth, as well as the gums.

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Dental crowns are bridges are also used as a treatment option for those who have lost their teeth, at K Family Dental. Dental bridges can be used to cover up the gap left by lost teeth. As a result, your smile will be more attractive, and you don’t have to worry about a gap in your teeth anymore.

Getting Dental Crowns and Bridges

Getting dental crowns or bridges is an outpatient procedure at K Family Dental, that can help you cover up any gaps in your teeth. Dental crowns and bridges can also protect your tooth, as well as your gums, from oral infections. Consider booking an appointment with K Family Dental to get dental crowns and bridges installed , today.