Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy, another name for which is endodontic therapy, is a dental treatment that enables the removal of infection located inside the tooth. It can also enable the tooth to stay protected from infections in the future. This treatment is carried out at the root canal, which is essentially the tooth’s pulp. You can get your root canal treated at K Family Dental, we perform all our root canal procedure under microscope.

What is root canal therapy?

The root canal is a part of your tooth. Every tooth has a section that is hollow this is where the blood vessels, nerve tissues, as well as other cells, are located. This is also known as the pulp.

A tooth is made up of a crown, as well as roots. The part of the tooth located above the gums is known as the crown, while the part located under the gums is known as the roots. The tooth is attached to the jawbone owing to the roots.

Located inside the crown, as well as the root, is the tooth’s pulp. The pulp is responsible for nourishing the tooth and providing moisture to the material surrounding the area. The nerves that are located in the pulp can sense temperatures, such as hot or cold, as well as pain. The official name for root canal therapy is endodontic therapy. This also means treatment that takes place inside the teeth.

Despite this, the treatment has become popularly known as root canal therapy.


A root canal therapy at K Family Dental, typically involves three steps. It can take anywhere between one to three sessions to get a complete root canal treatment. Here are the three steps involved in root canal therapy:

1. The root canal is cleaned
The first step involves the dentist of K Family Dental, removing everything that is located inside the root canal. You’ll be placed under anesthesia during the procedure. Following this, the dentist will make a small hole on top of the tooth. A small file is then used to remove the dead pulp tissue located inside the tooth.
2. The root canal is filled
After the hollow area inside the tooth has been cleaned, it’s time to shape as well as clean the area. The hollow area inside the tooth is decontaminated as well. This is done with the help of small files, as well as an irrigation solution. The tooth is then filled with a material that is like rubber. An adhesive cement is then used to ensure that the canals are completely sealed.
Once a root canal therapy at K Family Dental, is completed, that tooth dies. You will no longer be able to feel any pain coming from that tooth. This is as the nerve tissues in the tooth has been removed. As a result, any infection in the tooth has also been removed.

3. A crown or a filling is added
After a root canal therapy at K Family Dental, the tooth becomes more fragile than it used to be. When a tooth doesn’t have any pulp, it receives nourishment from the ligament that keeps it attached to your bone. This is usually enough to give the tooth all the nourishment it needs. However, with time, the tooth is likely to become more brittle. This is why, a crown or a filling is added, so the tooth receives additional protection.
The crown or the filling needs to be completely added before you can chew or bite anything with that tooth. After the crown or the filling has been successfully added at K Family Dental, you can continue to you the tooth the same way you normally did. To get a crown or a filling added to your tooth, you typically won’t need more than one sitting at K Family Dental.

However, in case your teeth have curved canals, or multi canals, or even large infections in your mouth, then more appointments may be required.

Who needs to get a root canal therapy?

Should the pulp of the tooth become damaged, or even diseased, then it doesn’t have the ability to protect itself. As a result, the tissue ends up during. In case there is deep cavity, or even a loose filling, then bacteria can enter the pulp area.

Unless treated, the infection can spread. This will cause the tooth to become loose, and it will need to be removed. A root canal therapy can help you save your natural tooth.

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